Sleep Number Bed Reviews

Good night rest is necessary to anyone as the quality of our life depends on it. But very often people can’t sleep well; they get up every hour and have muscle pain in the morning. Sometimes the reason of poor night sleep and night mares is in your bed.

That’s why many people choose sleep number bed nowadays. But everything has its positive and negative aspects.

Besides advertisement on TV confuses us very much. So let’s study what advantages and disadvantages sleep number bed has.

Who Created Sleep Number Bed?

Sleep number bed appeared in USA and from there it was spread all over the world. It is produced by the company Select Comfort. This company was founded by Robert and JoAnn Walker in 1987.

Since then beds from Select Comfort are sold in many states and countries and the offices of this company are situated all over USA.

The company pays much attention to its advertisement so you can watch such famous people like Lindsay Wagner who advertises sleep number bed on TV.

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What Is Sleep Number Bed Famous for?

Sleep number bed is famous for its air-adjustable mattress. The company Select Comfort tries to satisfy every client individually. We are different and our tastes are different too. So it is necessary to find the bed that will be ideal particularly for us. Sleep number bed offers individual settings so every person can create his own mattress – as firm as he needs.

The mattress of sleep number bed has an air cushion inside. Air is used by Select Comfort. The other companies use foam or springs. The idea to fill the mattress with air was invented by engineers of Select Comfort as the filling of the bed. The amount of air in the cushion is regulated by the user. Thus you can control the firmness of your mattress. If you sleep with your partner you can choose different settings and thus your part of the bed can be soft and his part can be firm. The bed is called “sleep number” because the amount of air is regulated by the number you choose. The higher number you choose, the firmer is your mattress.

You can calculate the best number for you. It depends on your taste, weight and position you like to sleep in. If you have single bed, the setting is just at one side. If you have double bed, any of you can choose the settings suitable to your taste. People widely use select number bed and study its advantages and disadvantages on forums. Here are the main positive and negative sides of sleep number bed.

Advantages of Sleep Number Bed

Among advantages of this bed clients mention the possibility of individual settings. Thus you can share the bed with your partner who likes a soft mattress and you can prefer firm one. Now you can sleep together and enjoy your favorite level of firmness. Besides the mattress is filled with air that’s why when you get up from your bed, your partner won’t hear the creaking of springs. Thus you won’t wake him up. Sleep number bed looks luxurious and it will add some beauty and charm to the design of your bedroom.

People who sleep at this bed tell that air filling is extremely kind to the back that’s why if you have some problems with it you won’t feel exhausted in the morning and won’t get up at night because of a sudden pain in your back. . Besides the air filling is good for those who are allergenic. This filling is the only one that causes no allergy as none of us has allergic reaction to air. Manufacturers say that sleep number bed will serve you for 20 years that’s why it can be really a profitable purchase. If the air has gone, you can simply fill your bed one more time. It takes about 20 minutes to set up a bed for your perfect sleep. The material sleep number bed is made of – polymer - is extremely firm and it won’t break up one day. Every model is high and wide enough so even big people can feel comfortable on this bed. The air filled mattress can repeat the shape of your body so you will feel well sleeping on this bed.

It is very easy to fix this bed in your bedroom and you can do it even yourself. There are no tools required to fix the bed. You can assemble it very fast- in 10 minutes or so.

Disadvantages of Sleep Number Bed

sleep number bed reviews

Although sleep number bed has its fans all over the world and many people appreciate its design and quality, it has several drawbacks as well. Nothing is perfect and this bed is not exclusion. Many users of sleep number bed tell that it is too expensive. The price of the bed is much higher than prices of its parts separately. They say that too expensive price is the result of commercials.

Some people notice that soon the bed loses air inside of it. It is a normal process because air is permeating. But at the same time sometimes it is lost too fast. Some clients find it irritating when they had to pump up the cushions all the time.

The other weak point of sleep number bed is an intrusion between two parts of a bed. Some users say that eventually the intrusion appears. To avoid that problem you have to use sleep number bed in a correct way, follow all the instructions. If something is wrong with your sleep number bed you can use the warranty. Every sleep number bed has 20 year warranty.

As you see, sleep number bed is a good thing to have at home. You will forget about problems with your back, you will relax and have a great night rest. Besides you can create your individual conditions of sleeping. You and your partner can have different settings. Thus both of you will relax and sleep well.