Comfortaire VS Sleep Number Bed: Which one to choose?

Buying the right kind of bed is very important. If you think that buying a good bed is a waste of time and money, then you are wrong.

After a long day at work, you need absolute comfort that you can get, especially, if your job is very demanding.

You spend at least eight to nine hours on the bed sleeping, and you may also do a lot more things, when you are sleeping on the bed, which may involve cuddling and lovemaking.

It is essential that you have the right type of bed. Before comparing the two different types of beds, it is worth looking into each type.

Sleep number beds

This bed provides different numbers for each individual, so that they can determine the level of firmness. It also adjusts to the contours of the body, thus providing support to the back. It also uses materials, which prevents allergies.
Comfortaire VS sleep number bed picture

Comfortaire bed

Actually, you would be surprised to know that the comfortaire bed is quite similar to the sleep number bed. They both use the same kind of technology, which is the air technology. They also provide the feature of adjustable firmness, which is done through the push of a button. They both do not have memory foam, although some sleep number beds editions have also used memory foam. If there is more air in the mattress, then there is more firmness in both the type of mattresses. The article now enters into a discussion of these two types of mattresses.


Comfortaire bed VS Sleep number beds

Since they both use the same kind of technology, it is much easier to compare between these two kinds of mattresses. They both seek to provide the comfort, through the use of similar technology. However, much of the analysis will cover the price of these two items, and the comfort level, and of course the users rating.

·         User response: It is worthwhile understanding the response that these two have gotten from their consumer base. It is always better to understand things from the perspective of those, who have experienced a particular thing. According to 90% of comfortaire owners, they found their beds highly comfortable. On the other hand, only 70% of sleep number owners said that their beds were comfortable. Hence, you know, which one to pick.

·         Price: Here is the tricky part. Does price have any impact on the user response, since sleep number beds are more expensive? However, comfortaire beds are in the range of $1000 to $4000. For sleep number beds, the price comes from $1000 to $5000 in some of the editions. If you are looking for more affordability, then comfortaire should be your use.

·         Quality, on user response: Around 17% of Comfortaire consumers stated that they found their bed to be of good quality, while only 4% of the sleep number bed customers stated likewise. Around 8% of both sleep number and comfortaire owners stated that their bed is of poor quality. Statistics should be taken into account, when making the choice.

·         Lovemaking: Both perform really well!


Look at the comparison chart to have a quick review.



Sleep number bed

User Rating

90% found it amazing

Only 70% are satisfied




Quality of material


Slightly poor than comfortaire



You cannot base your decision solely upon these facts. You may read some customer reviews online, which are proper descriptions of the experiences of people. Moreover, you should go to the stores and have the actual experience yourself, before taking the plunge and buying something so expensive. However, always remember that you need to spend some good money on the bed, because it is important.