Beds consisting of latex and foam, their comparison and rating is based on customer reviews from my own experience


They are created by a combined system in which latex is used and the foam mattress are composed of latex 2-7 inches. As a result, these layers are sometimes called hybrid latex foam.

Due to the presence of foam mattresses are not to be regarded as full of latex or latex mattresses all.

The following table includes the popular latex mattresses and foam from companies with existing and or above average reputation.

Here you will be able to evaluate and review their offers and choose for themselves the best options for the acquisition, based on which will be able to choose the best product for the price that you want.



Dream foam (Ultimate Dreams) Eco Bliss Night Therapy NuRest Sealy Optimum Select Luxury E.C.O.
Price Twin
$400 $750 – $1100 $283 – $420* $1400 – $2800 $350 – $400
Price Full
$500 $900 – $1400 $365 – $550* $1500 – $2900 $470 – $550
Price Queen
$600 $1100 – $1600 $300 – $600* $1700 – $3200 $550 – $650
Price King
$750 $1400 – $1800 $490 – $785* $2200 – $3600 $700 – $770
10 inches 8, 10, 12 inches 8, 9, 10, 12 inches 10-13 inches 8, 10 inches
Latex Type
blended talalay natural talalay synthetic dunlop blended dunlop** blended talalay
soft to firm and custom med to med-firm mostly med soft to firm mostly med-firm
Latex Thickness
3 inches 2, 3, 4 inches 2-7 inches 3-6 inches 2 inches
bamboo fabric organic cotton poly / cotton blend** poly / cotton blend** poly / cotton blend**
10 year 20 year 10 year 10 year 0-5 year
Exchange Policy
30 day; shipping charges 100 day exch for 1 layer; no fee 90 days or more may vary by retailer no exch.
Return Policy
30 day; return shipping charge 100 day; fee if within 30 days 90 days or more may vary by retailer no refund
BBB Rating
A- A A+ A+ no rating
Where To Buy
amazon plush beds
several retailers over stock
Owner Satisfaction / Sample***
86% / 557 n/a 84% / 30 82% / 16 82% / 271

* Price often includes box spring / frame.
** Estimate.
*** A sample size of less than 50 owner experiences does not produce statistically valid satisfaction rates.


Complaints about the mattresses and latex foam created by this technology, based on customer reviews.

Excessive hardness. Around ten percent of owners surveyed experience, and latex foam mattresses, reportedly overly harsh and rude, especially when they are new.
Around ten percent of owners with the experience relaxing on mattresses and latex foam, reportedly significantly from the chemical, as a gas or odor when a new mattress. Interviewed emit both positive and negative qualities of latex mattresses is not important, it is mixed or combined system of natural raw materials, although the figures are certainly different. Many isolated for yourself the effectiveness of these mattresses and are generally satisfied with their purchase at a high enough level. Gas poisoning, which is made by mixing various chemicals based on oil. The presence of mixed latex the output gas.

About nine percent development of body experience occurs within three years of ownership and of mattresses in general.
Around ten percent of owners with experience, the beds are reported to sleep hot or act as a heat trap, which creates a certain awkwardness while relaxing on these mattresses. According to information received, some disadvantages inherent in latex mattress is quite mechanical, that is, they can be attributed to the characteristics of the body or lifestyle, because of course, that if a person does not like excessive heat, hiding with a warm blanket on a hot day, the heat saving will be high enough that can be confused with a lack of a latex mattress.

Major praise mattresses and latex foam from buyers with expertise in.

Comfort and pain reduction, as well as its prevention. At least one third owners reported that their mattress point minimizes pain and to provide at least some relief or prevention of back pain.
Value for money. At least twenty percent of the owners of their praises of their mattresses and latex foam for its price and or value. Manufacturers often create analogs of latex mattresses and foam usually provide similar owner satisfaction for all latex beds, but they are often cheaper, as much as sixty percent.
Isolation movements is also a positive quality, based on the glowing reviews of buyers. At least fifteen percent of the isolation movement, ie, the ability of the mattress to keep the movement of a person from the transfer across the bed to potentially disrupt their partner.
For example, unlike a memory foam, latex instantaneously responds to movement of a person, which facilitates movement. Latex marshy also has no feeling that a memory foam may have, especially at higher temperatures. Sleep on such a mattress will be much more comfortable than normal because it envelops the body in shape and makes your features.