Mattresses made of latex foam and their characteristics, features, reviews and other evaluation criteria

Foam mattresses and latex of this type have a core of latex pillow top overlay of polyurethane foam is usually high density regular foam unlike memory foam. These layers are sometimes called hybrid latex foam. Such mattresses tend to have lower average evaluation and hence their availability and relatively low sales.

Negative aspects and disadvantages of this type of mattress.

At owners reported that their mattress after some use is compressed in the region where people mostly asleep resulting in the impression of the body. Body experience can cause sleep lie in a kind of rut that can restrict the natural movement. It should be noted that the majority of complaints related to the development of the compression body experience are these mattresses with regular foam, unlike memory foam.

In about ten percent of the holder experience natural latex mattress made of gas, and this means that they release the chemical. Gas poisoning, probably largely petrochemical products. The presence of synthetic latex is mixed with natural latex mattress core can also contribute to the output gas.

About eight percent of owners experience, mattresses are considered. This is also a problem, especially if the person is physically weak and can not lift weights, what to do in bed.