Mattresses made of natural latex, reviews about it and its features, based on the experience of buyers of this product

Natural latex comes from the sap of the extract was Hevea. Synthetic latex produced by the polymerization of a monomer which has been emulsified. Synthetic latex, however, has the same basic properties of natural rubber latex.

Based on our experience of the owner of the data collected, one hundred percent natural latex mattresses rate of about fifteen or even twenty percent higher in overall satisfaction than mixed latex mattresses. One hundred percent natural latex, however, are generally more expensive than the mixed variety. Additionally, natural latex apparently mixed diversity regarding durability and resistance to compression of the body on the development experience.

Please note that some manufacturers and retailers say they are natural latex mattresses of one percent latex – even if in fact the product savvy rest has only, say, thirty per cent of the natural latex and synthetic else.

Latex latex mattresses in most or all natural or mixed, there is rarely a mattress that uses a fully synthetic latex, so be careful when choosing and buying a mattress, you should know certain methods of selection of such products so as not to fall for poor quality goods.

Natural Latex Blended Latex (Natural / Synthetic Combination)
Owner Satisfaction Good Good to Fair
Source Rubber Tree Rubber Tree and Styrene, Butadiene (Petrochemicals)
Off Gassing Potential Little or None Moderate
Firmness Softer Firmer
Elasticity / Responsiveness Good Fair
Won’t Compress / Form Body Impressions Good Good to Fair
Quality Consistency Good to Fair Good
Allergic Reaction Potential Some Little
Price Higher Lower


About nine percent of owners believe that their all latex mattresses bed too mattress stores that particular body and repeats them during subsequent nights, that is, you will be very comfortable to sleep in any position without feeling the discomfort of swelling and fading of the skin, so the morning will be vigorous and healthy sleep.

The lack of edge support, is a problem for about five percent of the owners and they complain that sleep on the edge of the mattress can cause them to deviate from the bed, which of course is not only pleasant but also not safe enough.

The main positive quality latex mattresses, which were compiled on a study of opinion holders.