Sleep Number Bed Cost

The best investment you can make is an investment in your health. Night rest is necessary to any of us not just to be healthy but to be happy and stay in a good mood all the time. Many people all over the world understand that getting a comfortable bed is a good idea because they will relax and get rid of backache. Sleep number bed is a good choice for a couple. At the same time they feel really uncomfortable when they see sleep number bed cost. Many users of sleep number bed wonder why it is so costly and if it is really worth that money.

How Much Does Sleep Number Bed Cost?

Sleep number bed has an air cushion inside. At the side of your bed you can find some buttons. You can fix the necessary settings and thus create your individual conditions of sleeping. If you sleep with your spouse, you can both enjoy individual sleeping conditions because two sides of your bed are fixed separately.
It sounds great and many people go to the shop just after they have heard about this bed for the first time. Later they return home disappointed and without any purchase. They were impressed by sleep number bed cost.
The price of this bed depends on its model. Thus twin model costs about $450. The prices vary from $450 to $7000. If you get queen size of this bed, you will pay a little less for the model. That very model will cost you more if you get king size. Earlier models like p2 cost much less (about $3000) then the latest models like i10. The price of this bed is about $7000.

As you see sleep number bed cost is really impressive and that’s why many potential clients of Select Comfort, the manufacturer of these beds, always ask themselves why the bed is so expensive.

Why Is Sleep Number Bed So Expensive?

Sleep number bed has several reasons to be so expensive. First of all this kind of beds is really a unique product. It solves very important problem that any couple has. With the bed from Select Comfort you can share the bed with your partner and enjoy your favorite sleeping conditions at the same time. You can relax on your firm part of the bed and your spouse can enjoy the soft side. This technology is not cheap and that’s why it influences sleep number bed cost.

Many people have noticed that this bed has extremely simple settings. Thus you can change the settings just pressing one button – and that’s all. Of course sleep number bed cost is high but you can fix your model easily and change settings all the time.
Some people say that sleep number bed cost is so high due to commercials that are shown on TV all the time. They are right to some extent because the company invests some money in advertising campaign and of course it is included in the price of the bed.

Is Sleep Number Bed Really Worth It?

Sleep number bed costSleep number bed cost is high but clients are ready to pay that amount if it is really worth that money. Many people on forums tell that they will never spend $3000 on a bed. In fact if it helps you to have a rest, if it reliefs your muscle pain, then it is worth your money.
Such a bed has some advantages in front of the others and of course it influences sleep number bed cost. Thus the air cushion inside is made of the best material. It will serve you for 20 years or so. If you fell that some air has gone, you can simply press one button and the cushion will be pumped up again.

The air cushion is covered with the foam and it is made of the best material. It is also the reason of high sleep number bed cost.

Users of this bed tell that it is a great investment because you will sleep well, together with your partner. Your rest improves after the first night on this bed. Beds created by Select Comfort serve their owner for ages and that’s why a great investment becomes not so great if you use the purchase for 15 years and more. So sleep number bed is worth it.

Sleep Number Bed – to Get or not to Get?

So you look at sleep number bed cost and hesitate, to get the model or not to get. You can test its mattress in a hotel (there are hotels that have sleep number beds in their rooms) and then decide whether you like it or not. In any case every model can be returned during 30 days after the purchase so even if you get disappointed, you can return your bed.