Sleep Number Bed Parts

We are curious and want to know everything. If we get sleep number bed then for sure we want to know how it works and what sleep number bed parts are necessary to make it right.
This bed from select comfort is different from the others by its unique technology. It is the bed with an air cushion inside. You can pump up the air and make your bed former or softer. If you get double bed, you can have separate settings. Thus you and your partner can sleep in one bed but on different mattresses. It is very comfortable as any of us dreams about his ideal sleeping conditions.

What Parts Does Sleep Number Bed Have?

Such a model has different parts. Some of them are the same any bed has, the others are unique, and they are peculiar just to sleep number bed. Some parts are optional and it is up to you to decide whether to get them or not.

A mattress is the main among sleep number bed parts. It is light and soft and for sure you will like it. Every mattress is covered with white cotton layer. It is the surface where you sleep. Under the cotton layer there is some foam. It makes you comfortable at night. Besides the foam inside of the mattress is necessary to renew the surface of your bed after your night rest. Thus the surface will remain smooth without any contours of your body after many years of using it.
Under the foam there’s an air cushion. That cushion is peculiar to any model of the bed. The air cushion can be pumped up to any level of firmness you like.

So among the parts of this bed you will find the mattress consisting of foam and air cushion. Besides you can get the pad to put on it. It is comfortable and suits the mattress perfectly. The pad has 10 years of warranty. The mattress of this bed is put on a foundation.
The foundation occupies the rightful place among sleep number bed parts. It is 8 inches height. The foundation of the bed is made of polymer. So it is very light and you can easily change its position in the room.

Among sleep number bed parts you can find a bed frame. It is optional so you mustn’t get it. Bed frame is made of steel and it supports bed foundation. Besides it looks very attractive and makes your sleep number bed luxurious.

Remote is another necessary thing among sleep number bed parts. If you have a single bed, you need only one remote. If you share your bed together with your partner then you have two remotes and can fix the settings separately. With remote you can change the settings of your sleep number bed any time you like.

The other thing you need to use the bed is a pump. You can put it under the bed and use all the time when it is necessary to pump up the air cushions.
These parts of the bed you choose can be ordered in the shop or online. You can get all of them or choose some of them that you like.

How Do Sleep Number Bed Parts Work Together?

Sleep number bed parts form one unique system. There are some codes inside of the bed but you won’t feel or see them at all. You just calculate your ideal number of firmness. It depends on your gender, weight and sleeping habits. The higher number is the firmer is the mattress. You choose that number and press the button on your remote. That is enough for your sleep number bed to work well.

How Can Sleep Number Bed Parts Be Replaced?

Sleep Number Bed PartsSometimes sleep number bed parts must be replaced. Some of them are included in the warranty and they will be replaced for free. The others are necessary to get. So if you need to change any of sleep number bed parts you have just to visit the supermarket in your neighborhood or to order it online. You can consult sleep number bed agent online or just in the supermarket. You can call him if you hesitate and want to think a little more.

If you want to order sleep number bed parts online, simply fill in the application. You have to write your name, address and a phone number. Then make sure that your application was left at the site. Soon the agent will get in touch with you. You can find the phone number at the site too and make a phone call.

Sleep number bed parts are quite expensive so if you feel that you can’t pay too much, you can refuse from getting bed frame or mattress pad for example. Sleep number bed parts are various but they work together perfectly. Thus your bed will help you to sleep well, to get up active and healthy.