Sleep Number Bed Problems

It goes without saying that good night sleep means a lot to anyone. If we have a comfortable rest then we can work much better and feel much happier. That’s why sleep number bed is chosen by many people all over the world who care about their health. This bed is costly so clients are always interested if it is really worth their money. Here are some sleep number bed problems for you to understand what kind of a thing you get.

Sleep Number Bed Problems with Mattresses

Users of sleep number bed are satisfied with its quality and notice that their night rest improves. The mattress of the bed is very comfortable. It is ideal for pregnant women who can change the settings of the bed every month during their pregnancy. Nursing mothers who take their babies in bed with them tell that they sleep much better and are not afraid to wake the child up if they turn from side to side.

A mattress of such bed is really comfortable and it suits individual needs of every client. But at the same time some sleep number bed problems are connected with it. Clients say that the mattress can be broken if you change the settings all the time. Every bed has 20 year warranty but it irritates the clients that the mattress breaks up. So it is necessary to follow the instructions carefully when you choose the settings for you and call the expert from the company who will repair the mattress and solve these sleep number bed problems.

Sleep Number Bed Problems with Broken Expectations

The problem of broken expectations seems not so important but it was mentioned by the users of this bed when they discussed sleep number bed problems on forums. Every bed costs quite a lot and when you get it you dream that all your problems with poor night sleep and night mares will be solved just like in a fairy tale. People very often get disappointed when they feel not so fresh after the night on this bed and very often they complain they expected more for the money they have spent. Of course the bed is expensive and it is high quality product but it is not a magic bed that can cure you from arthritis or rheumatism.

Sleep Number Bed Problems with Mold

The other serious sleep number bed problem is connected with mold. In fact every bed has an air cushion inside. It is covered with foam. Sometimes mold appears inside the mattress between the cushion and the foam layer. Mold can be dangerous for your health. It can cause some diseases like asthma and others. That’s why the appearance of mold is one of the most difficult sleep number bed problems.

Now Select Comfort, the company that produces sleep number bed, tries to find the solution of this problem. They created special material that is put between the air cushion and foam to avoid mold. Still mold stands on the first place among sleep number bed problems.

Sleep Number Bed Problems with Intrusion in the Middle

sleep number bed problemsMany users of this bed like it because they can create individual conditions of sleeping. Thus if you like to sleep on a firm surface and your husband likes to lie on a soft mattress, you can solve this problem and get sleep number bed. One serious problem that is noticed by many clients of Select Comfort is the intrusion between two parts of the bed. Thus you can choose the higher number and make your bed firm and the part of your husband will remain soft. In several months you can notice the intrusion between two different parts. Some users of sleep number bed were very disappointed when they noticed the intrusion as they have spent a solid amount of money and sleep number bed problems make them disappointed.

These sleep number bed problems were the most popular among all mentioned by the clients. Of course there is one more problem with warranty. It is guaranteed that you can return any model of this bed during 30 days after your purchase if you don’t like it. In fact you can return just parts of it. Thus the bed frame that costs about $1500 can’t be returned.

The other users of sleep number bed tell that they just feel not comfortable on the mattress. If you and your partner have different settings, you feel like you sleep separately. The mattress of this bed is too different from a usual mattress and that’s why some clients can’t get used to their sleep number bed.

These sleep number bed problems are the most popular. They are mentioned on forums by different sleep number bed users. Still many clients like sleep number beds and say that their night rest has improved a lot.