Tempurpedic VS sleep number bed: Which one to choose?

The different types of beds may have been etched onto your mind, because of the newspaper advertisements, the advertising at the store and of course, and the TV commercials, which are always buzzing in your head at all times.

However, do you often wonder whether there is any truth to the advantages of the different beds available? Why would anyone want to pay so much attention to a bed?

Nevertheless, an individual should realize that sleeping positions matter and you need a proper surface. After all, many of the aches develop because of inappropriate beds. However, once you have realized that you need a good bed, you may be confused of the different types of beds available.

There are tempurpedic beds, as well as sleep number beds. First, you need to understand these two separate categories.
Tempurpedic VS sleep number bed picture

Tempurpedic beds

This bed is the best, if you are purchasing a foam mattress. However, the foam moulds itself to the shape of the body, which reduces any type of pressure points. The memory foam comes in different types. There are some firm mattresses, as well as soft mattresses. Hence, you can choose the one, which fits your lifestyle and body the most.

Sleep number beds

This type of bed has different numbers for individual persons, so that they can find their own firmness or softness level. It also provides additional comfort, by adjusting to the contours of the body and providing support to the back. Moreover, it uses the best type of material available, and helps people who have allergies.

The comparison: Tempurpedic VS sleep number bed

Although both of these beds provide the ultimate comfort, they differ in the way they provide it, and of course, their several advantages and disadvantages.

·         Comfort: Both these beds are highly comfortable, although in tempurpedic bed, the foam adjusts to the body itself, while the sleep number bed allows you to select the different levels, according to the type of comfort a person needs every night. Sleep number beds have also included the aspect of memory foam, which has provided additionally comfort.

·         Price: Tempurpedic beds are slightly more expensive than the sleep number beds. However, many users tend to complain about the price of both the beds. If you want something slightly less expensive, go for the sleep number bed.

·         Allergies: The sleep number bed uses hypoallergenic material, and many individuals consider it more hygienic, since it can be washed. However, the tempurpedic bed cannot be washed, hence it is considered less hygienic, and not very good, with people who have allergies.

·         Odor: Many people complain about the odor or smell that the tempurpedic beds give. This is often a disadvantage, because of the assembling, and they often smell heavily of chemicals, which some people find harmful for themselves. However, sleep number bed does not smell, although some individuals have complained. Nevertheless, the smell eventually goes away.

·         Motion Transfer: This measures the amount of movement that an individual can feel on the bed, when the other person adjusts it. Tempurpedic beds tend to be better, because there is less motion transfer.

A comparison chart will make it easier for you to understand.



Sleep number





More expensive

Less expensive


Does not help

Targets people, who have allergies



No odor, as such

Motion Transfer

Less, which means it is good

More, which means it is not too good


Hence, when you are looking around for the right type of bed to buy for your room, and to help you with your overall sleeping position, try to compare the two different types of beds, and look at the advantages and disadvantages of each type of bed. Then, you should make up your mind.